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Ordering FAQ 
 When and how do I pay for my Tax Pax Porta-Fax order?
We require payment in advance of processing your order. You may place orders using a CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL ACCOUNT to expedite processing of your order, or send a check or money order (include a note stating how many units you want to order) to our address at the bottom of our webpages. We have provided secure PayPal buttons on our PURCHASE webpage (click PURCHASE button on our HOME page). These BUTTONS offer the option to pay with your PalPal account. If you have no PayPal account, payment with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or your bank card will be accepted through the PayPal terminal by clicking a PayPal button on our PURCHASE webpage.  back to top

 When can I expect delivery of my order?
PLEASE ALLOW 3-6 WEEKS after receipt of payment for your order for your shipment to arrive. When ordering a discount bundle of Tax Pax Porta-Fax units (25+) and requesting printing on the back cover, kindly ALLOW 3-6 WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF CUSTOMER APPROVAL OF THE BACK COVER DESIGN. Depending on the time of year (we have more orders to process during the months of November through March and we're out of the office frequently through summer months and holiday times), the quantity ordered, simplicity of business information printed on the back cover, and corrections or additions made to your business information, we will process your order as quickly as possible.   back to top

 What is a "unit" of Tax Pax Porta-Fax Portable Filing Systems?
A unit of Tax Pax Porta-Fax is a single portable filing system containing 13 handy envelopes, 12 monthly forms, 1 Income From Investments form, 1 Securities Sold form, & 2 Income Other Than Salary forms. The envelopes/forms are between a front & back cover, bound with a plastic comb.  back to top

 How many units of Tax Pax Porta-Fax must I order to utilize the back cover advertising option?
Any Discount Bundle of 25 units or more is eligible for the back cover advertising feature at no extra charge!  back to top

 How do I request my business information to be printed on the back cover of my Tax Pax Porta-Fax units?
Use the CONTACT button located on the home page of this website to send us a message regarding your request. You may also call to let us know your business information; e-mail, fax or mail us your request. Or, simply use our convenient PayPal buttons on the ordering page to place your order for 25 or more units and we will automatically contact you for your information.   back to top

 What if I forgot to specify my contact information on a discount bundle that qualifies for free advertising on the back covers?
Don't worry...Tax Pax Inc. will always contact you for ad details if you have ordered a qualifying discount bundle (25+ units). Although, there are some who ask for blank back covers on qualifying orders, we will always contact you to verify your wishes.We never print a back cover without your approval of the final version.  back to top

 What information should I include on the back covers of my Tax Pax Porta-Fax Portable Filing Systems?
We will print most types of information you request. Generally, you'll want to include the name of your business, name(es) of individuals providing services (i.e. accountants, owner(s), etc.), address/location of business, phone/fax/mobile number(s), or e-mail address(es). You might want to add a company logo or slogan. Highlighting services your company specializes in adds to the informative nature of your advertising. We are capable of creating designs for you and are glad to work with you to make this advertising opportunity unique to your business and attractive to your clients!  back to top

 What if I don't like the advertising design created for the back covers of my Tax Pax Porta-Fax units?
After obtaining the information you desire to be printed on the back covers of your Tax Pax Porta-Fax units and creating a design, our representative will fax a copy of the design to you for your approval. At that time, you may make any changes or additions or simply approve the design by contacting us. Just let us know how you want your ad to look and we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas. We will be attentive to your vision for this advertising and communicate any limitations we might encounter or suggestions we have. We delight in making this advertising tool work effectively for your business!  back to top

 Where can I find Tax Pax Porta-Fax Portable Filing Systems in my local area?
Click on our FIND US LOCALLY button on this website. There you will find a list by state of businesses that sell Tax Pax Porta-Fax and/or give away Tax Pax Porta-Fax to their clients. Included is the name of the business & all contact information to make it easy for you to purchase our product in your local area.   back to top

 What is a "MERCHANT" of Tax Pax Porta-Fax Portable Filing Systems?
Businesses listed on our "FIND US LOCALLY" webpage are those that either sell our product, or give it away to their clients. These may be office supply stores, truck stops, etc., that you can buy Tax Pax Porta-Fax from locally. Others may be your local tax preparer who would love to supply you with our product to make their job so much easier. Some accountants carry our product for sale; others will supply you one free of charge to use & return to them next year. Our accountant clientele are very enthusiastic about Tax Pax Porta-Fax; just ask them!   back to top

 How do I get my business listed on the "LOCATE A MERCHANT" webpage on this website if I supply Tax Pax Porta-Fax Portable Filing Systems to my customers?
Just click on the new "SUBSCRIPTION" button on the LOCATE A MERCHANT webpage or the PURCHASE webpage. There are 3 options available: A basic listing of contact information including an email link, add a website link to your current listing, or a complete listing including email & website links. A basic listing is $35.00/year. Adding a website link is $15.00/year. A complete listing including both is $50.00/year.   back to top

  • 1 thru 5 units @ $6.80 ea + $7.00 S/H on Total Order (example - 3 units x $6.80 = $20.40 + $7.00 = $27.40 total)
  • 12 units @ $6.30 ea + $18.00  S/H on Total Order = $93.60 total
  • 25 units @ $5.40 ea ($135.00) + $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $145
  • 50 units @  $4.40 ea ($220.00) + $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $230.00
  • 100 units @ $3.95 ea  ($395.00) + $10.00 S/H on Total Order back cover Ad-free) = $405.00
  • 200 units @ $3.70 ea  ($740.00) + $10.00 S/H  on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $750.00
  • 300 units @ $3.45 ea ($1,035.00) +  $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $1,045.00
  • 400 units @ $3.20 ea  ($1,280.00) + $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $1,290.00
  • 500 units @ $2.95 ea  ($1,475.00) + $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) = $1,485.00
  • OVER 600 units @ $2.90 ea + $10.00 S/H on Total Order (back cover Ad-free) 
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